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We Understand Horse Insurance

Owning a horse, whether for business or pleasure is a substantial investment of time and money (let alone blood, sweat, and tears!). Nobody wants bad things to happen, but this is life and bad things do happen. Horses can become ill, suffer injuries, and have accidents. While we can't ease the emotional trauma, we can certainly help ease the financial.

Equine Insurance is an essential way to help protect your horse, and your finances!
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The Perfect Partners

We have partnered with The Equestrian Group to provide cutting edge programs and coverages, which are considered the standard in the horse industry today.

One of the country’s largest providers of coverage for show, and pleasure horses, horse farms, rodeos, and equestrian professionals, clubs and shows. Thanks to over forty years of underwriting experience, The Equestrian Group has developed these affordable high quality insurance programs for your protection.

Through our partnership, as leaders in the field of horse insurance/equestrian insurance, we provide expertise and access to insurance risk management products to personal and commercial horse owners. This guarantees our clients the highest quality insurance products at the most competitive premiums.

Horse Mortality/Major Medical

​This insurance policy protects the owner/lessor against the loss of a horse as a result of a covered accident, injury, illness or disease, while also providing coverage for theft of the horse.

Farrier Insurance

The AFIG Farrier Insurance Program and Ferrier Liability Insurance program is designed to respond to the specific needs of a professional farrier.

Special Event Insurance

We provide special equine insurance solutions for rodeos, horse shows, livestock shows, ropings, pennings, barrel racings, horse expositions and clinics as well as many other equine and rodeo-type events.

Riding Club Liability

​A riding club or association can be defined as any group that is formed to pursue common equestrian related interests. Riding clubs and associations form the core of most organized equestrian activity in the United States and Canada.

Personal Horse Owners Insurance

Horse Owners are faced with unique liability exposures that may not be adequately covered under normal personal liability policies such as a homeowner policy.

Equine Assisted Therapy

Equine Assisted Therapy is an evolving field in which horses are used as a tool for both physical therapy and emotional growth and learning. Many riders experience a connection to the horse that few sports or activities can create.

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